What is it that I do? I deal with every kind of visual communication - design, graphic design, and visual key development for marketing campaigns, with video and picture production at the highest level from an idea to post-production. In my opinion great visual language is one of the most interesting forms of communication. On the one hand it may not be perfectly translated, though the message is undeniably clear.  It has roots in the same principles of any other form of communication - volume, tonality, rhythm and accents. It consists of the same notes, yet always preserves its own unique flavour and character.

Marketing projects are mostly contemporary and trendy. People rarely like them, because at the root of it there is usually someone trying to sell you something. My primary objective is to experience, trust, and fall in love with these things.  I feel that what you truly believe in is real and to do something real you must first believe. How to believe? By exploring and understanding. By Immersing myself into any project I gain confidence and clarity for its true outcome. Secondly, it’s inspiration. My inspiration is provocation, challenge and liberation from the mundane. Discovering new things - new cities, buildings and alleyways, new people and their lives… I urge anyone to believe and be confident in themselves and continue to be inspired by the world.

Ads usually stay in the spotlight for 2-3 weeks and then are just forgotten. This archive compiles a part of my marketing work experience up to the present day. It’s only a small part, because there have been great many project. This is exactly why I created this page - to capture a part of my life - my advertising history.

Designer, Post Producer, Art Director. Golden Hammer, Golden Drum and Adwards Festival award winner and co-author of the award-winning projects. A graduate of Art Academy of Latvia and J. Rozentāls Art School.


Kristians Rukuts