Song Fest National Cultural Centre

The festival’s creative development expressed itself with one word: echo. Echo was the cornerstone of the festival, symbolizing our identity, integrity and ingenuity. In Latvia, and even more so during the time of the festival, any deed done, whether it be mental or physical, as well as nature itself echoes across the whole country. The echo turns a small thing great, bringing it to a broader horizon. It’s message says you are not alone, that your personality and your sense of life, your actions and dreams and feelings will all obtain an answer, as we all reverberate around each other. The Song Festival was the crowning glory of this reverberation. A point of reference for the progress of the last five years and all of our history at the same time, resonating in a joint echo.
Even after the celebration when songs are quiet, the echo still vibrates towards the future inside each one of us. Like the eternal fire, we are urged to keep an eternal echo. 
This creative solution gave rise to a multi-layered and saturated visual language which was then incorporated into all campaign materials.